Before you come in...

Appointment request


We got the green light to re-open INSIDE!

There are still strict safety protocols to follow to keep everyone safe & to stay open!

Once again I haven't opened by books for online booking, just in case. I will be booking all appointments for the foreseeable future


Please follow the information below to  book an appointment.




•You MUST fill out the form below --without this form, I will not book your appointment.

This form helps me know ahead of time if we're a good match for each other, what you're

appointment needs are, & gives me a little bit of information

to decide how long your appointment may take, assuring I book an accurate amount of time.


  • I have you listed on my spreadsheet & will be contacting you soon to book your return appointment.


•Everyone needs to please be patient!•


When I do rebook appointments, your confirmation notices will come with an email that says what to expect, how to check in, & other new standards that will need to be followed as we move forward. There will also be a Pre Salon Visit Screening Form attached.


I will need this form 24 hours before your appointment.

I will keep these forms on file for 60 days.


Thank you everyone for your extended patience as we navigate these trying times.

I promise I'll have you looking good again soon!

Appointment Request form: