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Whether you need hydration or intense hair help or just want to maintain your color-

from blondes to vivids- F18 has you covered!

  • Plant Based Additive is a unique approach to hair reinforcement

  • Instantly Repair Hair

  • Mend Split Ends

  • Lock in Moisture

  • Enhance Strength and Durability

A Woman Wearing a Sun Hat

 With the following plant additives, F18 is able to effectively repair the hair!

  • Tamarind Extract to maintain cuticle health.

  •  Pea Peptide protein, its unique amino acid structure
     reinforces the hair structure.

  • Resurrection Plant, has the remarkable ability to virtually regenerate itself
    after years of being dormant makes it the obvious choice to complete this
    amazing trio of additives

Formula 18 offers :

  • Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Leave-in Conditioner

  • Color Keeper Shampoo, Conditioner

  • Bodifying Shampo, Conditioner

  • Purifying Shampoo

  • Shine & Repair Oils

  • Thermal Mist

  • Styling Creme

  • Volumizing Root Mousse

  • There's also a variety of toning shampoos to keep your color looking great or try them to play with  temporarily changing your color 

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