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 I am a Head Shape Matters (HSM) certified stylist. Have your head shape analysis done and get the exact haircut you want every time! 


 HSM is a cutting technique that guarantees your haircut will be exactly what you want, consistently, each & every time--no matter which HSM Certified stylist cut it.


How is this possible you're wondering?  With HSM, I can mathematically formulate your haircut, based on the shape of your head using geometry and physics.


 When hair is cut in the traditional method, it doesn't take into account the different angles on your head, or where your hair lives at & its natural fall. Because of this, traditional haircuts can result in heavy or flat areas that will then need to be modified or have "finish work" done to make it all blend. Traditional cutting methods almost always leave unwanted holes, unintentional layers, and thinning, or weight where you aren't wanting any.


By using HSM, I can protect the design, or shape, of your haircut making sure the density is preserved at all times and that your layers blend smoothly without the need to texturize.


 When you come in for your Head Shape Analysis appointment, I will measure and document every plane of your head. With this information I will be able to formulate your desired haircut. If you ever wish to change your hairstyle, all it takes is a quick reformulation.

 The best part of this cutting system is, if you're ever in need of a haircut in another locale, I will be able to share your formula with another Head Shape Matters certified stylist and you will get the same, exact haircut!  

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