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Policies & Waivers

Here is a complete list of my current policies & waivers.

I run my business very professionally & want my clients to know up front about my Cancellation, Kids in the salon, Deposit, Satisfaction guarantee, Photo, Privacy policies, along with my chemical service waiver, & home hair care maintenance. 

Future Appointment Cancellation & Failure to show Policy:

Because all services are reserved especially for you, a cancellation fee will apply for any appointment canceled with less than a 48 hour notice and an invoice will be sent to the email on file. Once that invoice is paid, you will then be able to rebook your appointment.

My cancelation policy is:
Less than 48 hour notice - 25% of the scheduled appointment time
Less than 24 hour notice- 50% of the scheduled appoint time
No show/ No call -100% of the scheduled appointment time
Failure to show includes more than 15 minutes late with out notice. If you are running late, please call me ASAP.


3 or more last minute appointment changes (with less than 24 hour notice) will result in you no longer being allowed to book online, pre-book , or otherwise. You will only be allowed to call the day of to see if there is any availability for an appointment.

Sick exemption: If you are sick, or think you may have ben exposed to Covid/Flu, text me ASAP to cancel. You will be able to reschedule after the suggested 10 day incubation period has passed.

Adjustments, Re-dos, & Refunds Satisfaction Policy:

I will strive to give you the best service I can, but sometimes miscommunications do happen. Should you ever have any questions, or need any adjustments to your haircut or color, please reach out to me within 1 week to let me know & to make a return appointment so I can remedy the problem. Should anyone other than myself perform any alterations or color adjustments to your hair, my offer to fix any issues becomes void. I do not offer refunds on any service or products. If unused, products may exchanged within 48 hours. 

Chemical Pricing:

All color  & conditioning treatment services include a standard amount of product to be used for the service. Additional product may be used to accommodate for length &/or density & will be charged accordingly. 

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Chemical Services & the risks Involved:

Genetics, medications, hormones and your overall health play a role in your chemical make up, including your hair. What may work for one person, may not work well for you due to the differences in how your body is built to react.

▪ Previous chemical services – professional or at home
Whether lightened or darkened by a box or professional, or permed or relaxed, all of these services
present their own risk. Even if a color is faded, it is still present in your hair until it is cut off.

▪ Well water, hard water, and copper pipes – heat reactions
to mineral deposits from water and pipes can build up in your hair and cause a reaction with hydrogen peroxide, bleach powder, color removers, and oxidative color. The reactions are UNPREDICTABLE and can happen after multiple times of using the same product. It is unsure how
deposits are going to react, and many do not even know they have them built up in their hair. Using
the exact same products for years, then one day having a chemical reaction is similar to developing an allergy to something we have been already using our entire lives.

▪ Other Variables
There are unpredictable risks not mentioned above that may occur during your color service.

I would not be doing my job if I did not present these risks to you ahead of time. The more I do your hair, and know the products on your hair (every color line is different), the better predictions I can make as I learn and understand your hair better

Home Hair Care Maintenance:

Your hair is an investment and I want it to last as long as possible. The importance of home
care is often overlooked, but is essential when recreating your style, as well as maintaining and
protecting your color. The products that best suit your hair cut/style/colour will be shown to
you on the day of your appointment. Diane K Hair color services are
guaranteed only when accompanied with professional shampoos and conditioners.


Some services will require a non-refundable/non-transferable booking deposit. This deposit will vary between $25-$100, depending on the service booked and individual circumstances & will be determined at your consultation appointment. This deposit will be applied towards the final cost of your appointment. 

Product Returns:

I will do my best to recommend the correct products for you to use. If needed, I will happily exchange any products purchased in the studio for studio credit with 7 days. However, refunds will not be provided as I can not restock them after opening. Please text me to set up a time to bring back your purchase.

Kids In the salon:

I like kids, but please remember this is a business. There are sharp implements, & chemicals being used; I don’t want to see anyone get injured. Your children are your responsibility, but I will not hesitate to remind them to behave. If your children continue to be an issue, I will ask you to make arrangements for childcare or you will have to reschedule your appointment, this will fall under the Failure to Show cancellation policy listed above. In the future, your children will only be welcomed in as a client with an appointment. This will not exempt you from any cancelation or rescheduling fees. This does not apply to infants under 1 years old. 

Privacy Policy:

I promise I will not sell, rent, share, or otherwise release any of your private information that is collected through this website or in person. All information will be used to communicate with you as expressed when your information is obtained; including, but not limited to appointment communications, email, newsletters, special offers or any other information related to Hair By Diane. Email list-This is used as a convenience to my clients. It provides information & advanced notification regarding events, specials, new services, or other information I may need to share. Online Booking- Information is gathered to send reminders and to allow you to book, reschedule or cancel at your convenience. 

Photo Release:

I often take pictures & video of my clients & share them on my social media platform for others to see. I will not sell your picture or videos, you are not a model, & there is no compensation for these pictures or video. I'd love to showcase your beautiful new look on my social media pages. I like to keep my social media posts cohesive, if you would like to have your picture shared, please consider wearing neutral tones, dark blue, grey, or black. Will you allow me to us the photographs & videos for my online portfolio?

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